Swimming Pool and Water Features

Swimming Pools

Pool Filtration & Lighting

We provide complete solutions for filtration and lighting of your swimming pools to keep water clear, clean and healthy. We provide a high rate stand filtration system using filtration equipment from leading manufacturers in the world. We also provide after sales service to ensure hassle free functioning of the swimming pool.

Pool Heating & Temperature Control

Improve utilisation of your pool by converting your pool into a temprature controled pool.Select from our range of heat pumps and electric heaters.

Pool Automation

Tired of depending on your pool maintenance person? Automate all functions of your swimming pool with our range of pool controllers and robotic suction sweepers. Operate your pool on the touch of a button on the screen .

Pool Disinfection

Disinfect your pool using latest technology in salt water chiorination and ozonation.

Water Features

Water Walls & Water Features

We can enhance area around your pool ,landscape and interiors by creating water and water features with soothing effect . You can also enhance visuals of these features by underwater lighting .

Biofiltration & UV Sterilisation

Maintain crystal clear water with biofilitration and UV sterlisation in your natural waterbodies ,water features and fountains.

Artificial Lakes and Bio Ponds

We offer latest pond and lake liners for ensuring a watertight artificial lake .No need to have concrete structure to retain water in your artificial lake.