Poolside Finishes

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Genuine visual pool water clarity and an array of rich light reflective colours – new pools and renovations.

Designer Beadcrete is made from a premium blend of white cement, radiant white quartz sand, inorganic coloured oxides, colour-fast quartz aggregate and, patented ‘retro reflective’ silicate spheres that create incredible light refraction in the pool water. Spectacular by day – sensational at night with the pool lights on, your Designer Beadcrete interior will maintain its colour stability and durability throughout its design life.

Genuine low maintenance.

Designer Beadcrete does not use calcium-based fillers in its mix design that may leach from the finished pool interior and require regular and ongoing removal maintenance. The higher density mix design of Designer Beadcrete dramatically reduces porosity to resist algae growth, improve hygiene and provide a rock-solid durable surface that is much easier to keep clean.

Genuine durability: 20 year life expectancy.

Durability is a materials performance measure and independent tests conducted by the University of New South Wales found, that with proper application and workmanship method, and a good standard of normal pool maintenance, Designer Beadcrete may expect in excess of 20 years’ design life. This excellent durability provides peace of mind and the knowledge you are making a sound investment in both your lifestyle and the value of your home.

Genuine quality: 7-year residential warranty.

Designer Beadcrete product quality and consistency is assured through pre-blended manufacture and factory packaging. When you specify Designer Beadcrete for your pool interior, the difference is minimal waste; materials mix consistency and quality control. Your contractor only needs to add the correct amount of water and to apply the product using recognized application and workmanship methods and, finishing practices.

Genuine options: More than 39 designer colours

Designer Beadcrete provides a range of colour options so you can choose from an array of rich reflective colours to complement your concrete pool design, your home and lifestyle surroundings. What’s more, Designer Beadcrete offers you a selection of three custom finishes: BC 3000; BC 6000; BC 8000 and BC 9000 that gives you flexibility to tailor, according to your personal taste, the visual appeal and architectural form you can imagine will give your swimming pool unique character and individual style.

It’s your choice

Your pool, your home and lifestyle surroundings.

Natural water clarity and colour is a product of environment – so imagine your pool surroundings in your choice of Designer Beadcrete. Whilst leafy, tree-clad environs and sail covers can provide shade, their shadow effect may produce darker hues in your chosen pool colour finish that is similarly created by water depth. Conversely, pools that are open to sunlight and clear skies achieve full light advantage and provide a wider spectrum of colour options to create environment – to complement the design theme you want. Wherever you live, Designer Beadcrete can enhance your pool environment.

Good pool builders offer difference – the choice is yours.

It’s your right of choice – and some pool builders may want to limit your choice to their common coarse pebble finishes. Good pool builders offer design options that add value and above all else, choice of finish to complement your pool design and construction investment, your home and lifestyle environment.

Shop for choice, compare pool finish features and benefits –and contact Designer Pool Coatings for a quotation referral to a wide choice of experienced pool builders.

Residential, sport & recreation and resort pools.

Designer Beadcrete flows and melds to any pool shape or size and to the tightest curves without disruption to decorative affect. A simply stunning choice, the finish is smooth textured and flat for risk reduction of skin abrasion hazards yet provides slip resistance appropriate for applied pool finishes. Practical with low-maintenance properties Designer Beadcrete offers an extremely durable alternative to tiles, marble plaster or traditional pebble. Ionized or salt chlorinator compatible.