Pool Disinfection

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With the Zodiac TRi-Series you can select the level of water care you need .Buy the model you want from the start or upgrade at anytime with diffrent options of automation and water care sensing technology that will keep your pool healthy and ready for you to swim at any time.


The base model TRi will provide most with what they are after ,a great reliable chlorinator. But what makes the TRi base model so much more than other chlorinators is the ability to upgrade this at anytime to a higher level of water care with minimum expense and effort .

The control panel is quick and easy to set up and has a full onboard troulbleshooting guide and help prompts if there is an issue. Also using the very best in self cleaning plate materials ,the cell has reverse polarity technology keeping maintenance to a minimum.

pH Control

This is the new gold standard in pool sanitation devices and is the absolute must have for anyone that wants to have the pool water at ideal quality whenever you want to swim .pH control is most important component in anyone's pool water chemistry kit,without pH control the pool will always be out of balance .
TRi - pH builds on the standard model by incorporation an intelligent pH sensor that will deliver information to the master control unit and deliver a pH down solution as required by your pool .

If you are looking for the benchmark in water care technology ,here it is.

The Zodiac TRi Series was created to give peace of mind for swimming pool owners because it provides a combination of automation and intelligence usually only found in commercial grade pool equipment .

PRO Control*

For the pool enthusiasts that are looking for the best of the best. TRi -PRO builds again on TRi-pH by incorporating an ACL sensor (Active Chlorine Level ,commonly called ORP). The ACL sensor will measure and report back to the control unit whether the amount of sanitiser in the water in satisfactory and then engage the chlorinator cell to turn on or off as required when the pump is in operation, meaning no more guess work on the chlorine levels in the pool.

*TRi -PRO is only available through accredited installers

The TRi comes inn 3 sizes ,use this graph to see which size you will need to suit your pool in your climate .

 Description TRi Compact TRi Mid   TRi Large  
Output capacity (CI gas) 18 grm/hr 25grm/hr 35grm/hr
Maximum * average pool size 40,000 litres 70,000 litres 1,00,000 litres
Plumbing capacity 40mm or 50mm (unions provided)
Min/Max salt level 4,000ppm -35,000ppm
Power pack dimension (HWD) 330mm x 310mm x110mm
Cell dimension (LHW) 320mm x 155mm x 110mm
Warranty on power pack and cell TRi -3yrs/TRi -pH 4yrs/TRi -PRO 5yrs

*Based on a mild weather climate. Adjust for cooler or warmer climates